Monday, July 7, 2008

Goals, Part June

My cousin came into town and we celebrated with a trip to the aquarium. It's really a fantastic place to take the kids. This is the touch tank where you can feel the difference between a ray and a small shark. My opinion is that sharks feel like sandpaper while rays feel like the smooth side of a raw chicken breast.Look, it's a baby! See how it behaves in it's natural environment? Oh look, Fred, it's waving at you! Isn't it cute?
Another touch tank. Here the children are allowed to feel shark eggs, starfish and an urchin.
You never can tell what each new exhibit will bring. Here we have human arms. I believe they're female. Gender can be difficult to determine at this angle.
We celebrated Grahmi's birthday this month. We were asked to make a sign on the fly and get a picture of both kids with it. My brother's family did the same and their picture has the children sitting very nicely on their front porch, each holding a sign with military precision. Our results were slightly different.
We got a little pop-up pool this summer. It's been fantastic fun, and very little trouble. Totally worth it! No hauling children to the public pool and I don't have to don a suit in front of all my neighbors! The water's still a little chilly for the wee one, but she has fun running around the backyard while E swims.
Apparently the December ice storms weakened the trees a bit. This is our neighbor's beautiful tree, felled by a summer thunderstorm. There was an identical incident across the street.
A started her one year old class at the church. The girls will overlap this summer, but then E will move on as A begins her journey. I'm in love with the teachers here, E has never once not wanted to go and A just walks right in without looking back. That says it all!
There are fewer things more heartwarming for me than watching my husband enjoy our girls. Happy Father's Day again, sweet man.
More Daddy Love, with E making her contorted goofy faces and A clapping and sucking her lip. Just another day in paradise!
All caught up! Thanks for coming along!


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Great pictures- good to see an update from you :-) Maybe we can Thoughtful on board for post too?

In April we visited a zoo with a ray touch tank- it was the coolest thing ever! There were about 30 rays which just swam over your hand, some were quite curious some quite shy. I had never seen or heard of doing this before so I didn't want to leave. They pretty much had to drag me away!

Cindy said...

Great pics! I LOVE sibling favorite part of being a mom...ok, there are a LOT of favorite parts to being a mom.

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