Monday, July 7, 2008

A Girl's Gotta Have Goals

I really want to post our Fourth of July pictures, but I can't until I get caught up. I can't pretend the last 3 months just didn't happen! We've had some incredible fun, after all. So here's my little re-cap!


We went to a local animal sanctuary with our dearest friend. They have all kinds of amazing creatures - lions and tigers and bears, o my - but instead of showing a great picture of their creatures, here's mine.
The girls had such a blast playing at Auntie Danielle's house in her new ottomans. We'd have some too if it weren't for E trying to put the lid on the ottoman while A was still inside.
A had her first playdate this month with a sweet friend's son. They're just a week apart in age and it's a treat to see them grow together. Rumor has it they kiss in the church nursery, they're mute on the subject.
When I inherited these end tables, I never imagined they'd be baby stairs. See the accomplished look on her little face? It's like she's laughing at me. Okay, she was laughing at me. These days she sits on the top and watches toons with her sister.
We have this tiny little rose bush in our front yard that has these sweet, delicate lavender blooms that last about a minute and a half in the scorching heat. They smell amazing. What with all the rain, I don't think we'll be seeing many more. Today in place of this picture you'd see my E cuddling up to a group of naked twigs. Thank you, black spot fungus.

There's April! Ta da!

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