Monday, March 10, 2008

La Vida Loca

It's not that we've been horribly busy, or incredibly ill. We haven't even been out of town. But somehow, life just snowballed on me and I've been trapped under an avalanche of ear infections, bad behavior, and obligations. I've hardly even taken a picture lately! Sure we've had fun, the baby and I spent 20 minutes today laughing ourselves silly despite her fever because I dared to dodge her left hook. She's got the best belly laugh ever! E earned back her computer privileges today and that speaks volumes! I'm not sure what happens to people at the age of four, but it appears to be very dramatic and possibly a bit painful. Thankfully, I don't remember when it happened to me, but that's what Mom's for. I get the impression from her (constant) riotous laughter that this could be one of the greater joys of grand-parenthood.

At the end of this month our baby turns one. One whole year. It's simply amazing. I remember when a year seemed like My babies are growing up in the blink of an eye. Some days E seems so big I think she'll be snatching the car keys next week - her biggest dream now is to be 99, and then each night she curls up in her blanket and she's tiny again. How do they do that? It happens when they're sick or hurt, too. The other day I was holding A's hand in mine, awed over how much of my palm disappears behind hers. And today she's so small and fragile, worried and fussed over like an infant. Thank God they sleep. Thank God I get to peek in on them while they're all soft and dreamy, curled up and quiet. Thank God when life is crazy, He reminds they're still small.