Sunday, October 7, 2007

The State Fair

Every year we try to get to the State Fair, it's something the husband and I have done every year since we've been married. Mostly, we just enjoy the carnival atmosphere (translated: food). We've taken E since she was tiny, and this is A's first visit.

The tiny little dot is my daughter's head....
and she LOVED it!

She rode these last year, so it was no big deal.

In a sad little ironic twist, the hatching chick exhibit was sponsored by Tyson.

A's learned to kiss on request, we all enjoy the benefits!

Cause that's how I roll...

This is the 2nd year they've had a giant indoor sandbox.
No money required, just some fun for the kids while the grown-ups rest a little.

I don't find anything remarkable about the teacup ride other than the fact we've probably all been on it - maybe even this exact one.
I just had to share because she's pretty!

E's first REAL roller coaster!
No parents - no fear.
I was trying to capture her excitement from the coaster, and while this isn't her initial reaction, I think it speaks volumes!

We had a blast in the unusually warm October sun!

O September

The house is (reasonably) clean, the girls are asleep, and the husband has commandeered the TV for NASCAR. Seems like a good time to catch up!

Swimming at our local water park.

After fifteen minutes of trying to teach E to swim, I leave her with my mother for about 2. This is the child swimming.

First day of Preschool.

First impressions - at least nothing bled.

Bear's eye view at our zoo on member's night.

A-doring aunts watching the "roll over"

She sits!

Some traditions should be passed on early.
Morning cartoons... check.


Horseback riding through a vineyard with Grahmi.
Makes next week's sleepover look pretty lame.