Monday, July 7, 2008

Goals, Part May

Peek-a-boo with her closet doors. We can't even go into her room without doing this every. single. time.E's time at our church's pre-school program is nearly over. Next year she'll attend Pre-K at a public school. She's very excited, but I'm a little bit sad. At the year end program E posed with her best friend. They've gone to this school together since they were one. How sweet is that?
This is our first attempt at finger painting. It won't be our last, but next time I might feed her first. (Yes, Mom, the paint was non-toxic.)
Just about the cutest little grin in the world. A's such a flirt, it's awfully fun to share her with others. She's never met a stranger - begs to be held by the person in line behind us at the store.
But this is what happens if you tell her no. She doesn't like no.

And there's this if you say no with conviction. O the drama! She stayed like this for at least 2 minutes!

Did I mention she's walking? That could account for the serious lack of semi-regular posts! Many of you will appreciate that in spite of being new to this walking thing, she's managed to pull off "Walking with Purse" without any problem.

In this house, you learn to eat pizza on your own. We don't cut up the big chunks into little sissy bites. You want the good stuff? Tackle it like a man.

This work of art was aptly named "Melting Snowman with Party Hat." I really wish I'd gotten a picture of "Anteater," it was truly a masterpiece!

May. The End.

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