Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fourth of July

My little firecrackers! A's a bit of a loner when it comes to posing. Or maybe her sister squeezes too hard.
E wanted everyone to see her special nails. Normally I don't allow red on little ones, but we've got spirit, yes we do!
A runs off some energy before the long car ride to the country where DIY explosives are welcomed!
Aren't they sweet together? I'm not sure what had A so captivated, just that it wasn't me.

There's a baby in there! And I'm pretty sure I can get to her! My cousin's little girl is almost exactly a year younger than A - in fact, this is the dress A wore last summer!Cake break. After eating 1/4 of a hamburger and approximately 3 beans she took off. Naturally refueling is necessary.
Ready for the show. This made her Daddy real nervous. Something about shrapnel falling I think. Sissy.

E wields sparklers with caution. It's quite surprising really.Look! Fireworks! Our families did a pretty good show this year.
Ahhh. The aftermath. This is what spending time running with your cousins is really all about, at least that's what it's about for the grown-ups! Precious memories followed by precious silence!

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Jim & Amy said...

Yippie for the great firework show! My son loved seeing himself on your blog- although I think it was April's post! :0)