Tuesday, January 8, 2008

O December

There was ice. Unlike many of our friends, most of our neighborhood maintained power throughout the week even though we were badly hit. We had power guilt and hosted many a dinner. It's a month later and our streets are still covered with branches. This is our backyard and the nice men from 2 different states that came to pick up our tree limb off the power line (but not the neighbor's carport.) When trees are cut in cartoons, everyone yells timber. When you watch them fall through your brick wall, "Timber" is not what you hear yourself say.

How to dress for the first snow of the year.
Brought to you by a four year old.
A's first snow. She didn't get to experience it any other way because it was bitterly cold out there and she was a little bit under the weather. Sorry about the index finger - it's a crop or post moment.

The Christmas program.
This year there was less twirling.
There was more falling on the stage.
And bowing. Lots of bowing.
Here's a mom tip: Don't give the child new shoes right before she hits the stage. She will show the entire audience because, after all, isn't that why they're all watching?

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