Thursday, January 17, 2008

And You Shall Be Called...

If you are owned by E and she has naming rights, you will be called Sarah, Matthew or Rachel - after her cousins. There are no exceptions other than Michael the fish, now deceased and replaced by Rachel With Fins (not to be confused with my niece, Rachel With Feet). For Christmas, we adopted an elephant at our zoo, her name is now Sarah. Snails, which according to E are always male, are named Matthew. And so it goes and has gone for 2 of her 4 years.

Driving down the road the other day with the girls and my Dad, he asked what name E had given the Little Tykes lion flashlight. I think to myself, "Duh - Sarah, Matthew or Rachel."

Nope. I nearly drove off the road.

Jorge. Spanish pronunciation and all.


ComfyDenim said...

AS YOU KNOW -- I love that kid.
She knows her own mind - and could just take over the world should she so desire. I just hope if she does that -- she doesn't name us all Jorge. :-)

Rachel with feet. *SNORT*

BundyMum said...

haha thats so cute! Jorge! Where did she get that from? Thanks for sharing a smile!