Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas 2007

The first (and really only) gift unwrapped by little A. Who knew it would get old so quick?

Overheard while unwrapping this coffee maker (that cycles REAL water)...
E: (Very excitedly) O my goodness! Look, look! It's just what I always wanted!!!
Family Friend: What is it?
E: (Screaming with excitement) I don't know!

It's never to early to accessorize!

The only picture of the girls together THE ENTIRE HOLIDAY!
Does that go against the Mother Of The Year award for last year or have I already botched 2008?

A is too busy looking at a couch full of cousins to enjoy unwrapping her gift. Thank goodness her daddy was interested in the lacy pink clothes!

Cookies for Santa/Carrots for the Reindeer.

A loves her gift from Santa and learns about colors!

E gets a big girl bike from Grahmi!

Same Grahmi reading a lovely Christmas tale. Just after this precious moment, E hopped off Grahmi's lap to play with a toy. Grahmi says, "I thought you wanted me to read you this story?" E's reply? "I can still hear you." Touching isn't it?

New wheels! Who can ride? I can! Me. All me!

She sticks her tongue out this far to blow raspberries. Then she curls it up over her lip and starts again.

A Christmas wish fulfilled. E asked Santa for an elephant. Naturally I was curious.

Me: Do you want a toy elephant?
E: No, Mom. A real one.
Me: Where will it live?
E: In my room.
Me: An elephant is far too big for your room.
E: (Thinking) I know! It can live in the backyard.
Me: (That's illegal!) (Who will clean up the poop?) I don't think the backyard is big enough either.

Santa's so smart. He adopted an elephant in E's name that lives at the zoo and we can visit it anytime. Gunda has been renamed Sarah. Sorry Gunda!

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ComfyDenim said...

Oh my gosh! Love it.
It's NEVER too early to accessorize and I love that the girl can play and listen at the same time. MULTI-TASKER!!!! She'll do great in college!!

I also love your new icon picture. Too cute.