Thursday, April 26, 2007

Time Flies

Our Little A is Four Weeks Old!
So now she's all smiles! She can hold her head up and has gotten over her grouchies despite a cold. She seems to have decided we're not so bad after all and this could be kinda fun - we can be entertaining after all! She's also gained more than 2 pounds since she's been home... check out her little belly! The night before last, she grabbed my shirt with both hands. It was the first time she held me back. A's looking in our eyes, checking out her world and even handling diaper changes without a whimper! What a month!

So, naturally Mom had to take some cute little naked baby pictures to commemorate the event!

Yep, we're in love!


ThoughtfulMom said...

What a darling! That first picture is fantastic! I can't wait to see her on Saturday!

ComfyDenim said...

Wow. 4 weeks. It seems like me. I know it doesn't to you.

She looks all snuggly in those pictures.

Our Peculiar Life said...

what sweet pics!! I remember the first time Ethan let me change his diaper without crying. What bliss! LOL

Halfmoon Girl said...

Those first smiles are so precious! She really is beautiful!

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

soooooo cute!