Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello World!

Meet Baby A
This is the beginning... now she's 3 weeks old!

Sweet Baby A actually came into this world as our second child. Our first love, E, is 3 and adores her little sister like no other! Sadly, Mommy didn't blog when E was born, so we'll have to play catch up a bit (later).

Add a dutiful Dad and one each of the dog and cat varieties and that completes our household!


Our Peculiar Life said...

Welcome! I read about you on Comfy Denim's site and wanted to say hi!! Looking forward to reading more about y'all!

ComfyDenim said...

I love the big sister picture.
I can see it now - "Only I am allowed to mess with my sister!"

Bleach Free Blessings, blogbaby!!