Monday, April 6, 2009

Little A Turns Two!

Sweet Baby A isn't so much of a baby these days. She's able to communicate all her needs, tell you when to set her on the potty (used only on rare occasions), and fight for her own toys. She runs, moos and waddles like a penguin. She mothers her baby dolls and pretend walks all the little animals into the barn. She has an amazing sense of humor and a dizzying array of facial expressions. Pretty much, she's a kid - her father and I wonder at what point we'll have to stop referring to her as The Baby. (College?) Most recently she's embraced this idea of being two and, having a bit of the drama in her, thrown the most irrational fits I've ever witnessed. (Who puts on shoes to go outside? Who?) Her birthday saw her healthy and happy with the proudest parents and sister on this globe. Quite frankly, she's the cutest thing we've ever had the pleasure to see!

The morning of A's birthday, and her party, this happened.
About 5 inches later, we rescheduled the party for the next day.

See the ribbon? A last minute weather-related substitution!

Cousin D was in town to share in the doll house fun.
He only got embarrassed when the camera came out. Before that, he was arranging furniture, styling hair and tempting the monster cat to storm the village.

This is her "I've been naughty" face.
Why it's on her face at this moment I can't tell you.

Practicing for tomorrow.
She's a natural!
Picture it:
Grahmi's singing, "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Bir..."
and then, "NOOOOOOOO!"
We finally figured out the formula, no candles - no singing.

Cake for the big day.

Blowing out the candles. Perfection!

Demonstration of excellent utensil skills.
Bubbles. If you have a 2 to 56 year old, I highly recommend the bubble grill.

That's it. It was a blast!


ThoughtfulMom said...

That cake is gorgeous. I bet it's your very own handiwork. Good job.

Cute kid, too.

I'm trying to refer to #3 and #4 as "the Littles" but it's hard when they've been "the Babies" for so long.

♥georgie♥ said...

OMGosh the cake is awesome...where did you have it made at? or did you do it?

'A' is adorable and I remember that snow LOL

Dawn said...

That birthday is absolutely precious!!!!

I have a 2 year old as well. Isn't it fun?!!

Looking forward to meeting you at the MNO in May. =)

Funky Food Trisha said... and I are excited about Thursday and getting to hang out with you and so many other wonderful women at the Mom's Night Out!

Anonymous said...
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