Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This weekend E turned five. Five. It didn't seem like such a big number when I was a kid but today it's a quarter of her sweet childhood and definitely the end of all things baby. I asked her the day before The Big Day if she'd like to stay four forever and she just giggled and said, "That's silly, Mom." She's right. It is silly, but still...

Some facts about being five, according to E: You grow much bigger (and she means overnight, people); you can reach the top of the fridge; you can do anything you want and make your own rules; you don't need a sippy cup; you can ride on 2 wheels instead of 4 on your bike; you get a bigger swing; can play as much as you want; and, you can clean your own room.

So, to sum up, she's taller than me and running the show, but cleans her room. Clearly we're in for a wild ride this year!

She requested a Princess Party complete with a rainbow cake.
Rainbow is a color, just ask her.
We had a pinata - as I'm certain all Royals do.

We decorated cookies, ate cake and spread a little pink eye - it's the gift that keeps giving. (We discovered both girls were afflicted the evening after the party. Again, let me say I'm sorry if you were in attendance.)

Some of our big cousins really got into the project.


Princess E got a kitten to love.
It's the King and Queen's sincere hope that love does not hurt Houston The Kitten.
Then we all took a nap and lived happily ever after.
The End.


Danielle said...


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

What a fun party! And such a cute kitten :-)

Amelia said...

How, such a momentous occasion!!
And such a pretty dress the Princess got for her bid day.

It's a really kitty!! What does sweet pea think??

I loved the ending...
The lived happily ever after.
Yes you do. :-)