Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Belated Halloween Pictures

A as Tootsie RollE playing the part of Fairy Princess.
(note the wand and the very serious pose)

This is the very first time in her life she touched pumpkin guts knowing it would be icky since that fateful carving day just before she turned one and the slimy string stuck to her fingers. Not even peer pressure could break her down at preschool last year. She's nearly four people! This year I put my foot down and said, "If you want a Jack-O-Lantern (and she really did) you'll have to scoop the guts out yourself!"

There are 2 plates of spider and web cupcakes just to the right of the children. Yes, they were delicious, but that's not why I mention them. Little A knew we weren't paying attention, stuck her fingers in the icing and that's why the best picture I have of both girls in their costumes has a wand flying out at you and a frowning baby. Not the Kodak moment I was trying to achieve.

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