Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Zoo!

There were some lovely kids from Japan visiting our zoo this day. Our E is so incredibly outgoing she charmed the pictures right out of them! With her blond hair and blue eyes, she's the typical American girl!

She's touching the tortise!
I am SO jealous.

It's difficult to tell who's looking at who here.
Ever been stared down by a meerkat?

Yep. Got up there all by herself.

Daddy takes few pictures... we celebrate the really good ones!

A was there - this proves it!

Flamingos actually pose!
Who wouldn't take this photographic opportunity after chasing a preschooler all day?


ComfyDenim said...

That flamingo made me laugh. Can you hear it's little birdy thoughts?? "I'm a pretty bird! Take my picture!!"

E getting pictures taken was hillarious. Wonder what they'll go back to Japan saying about the little girl they took picturs of in the zoo?

Awesome and beautiful pictures!

Our Peculiar Life said...

great pictures!!

Jim & Amy said...

That cracks me up about the Japan folks taking her photo. She is a star already! Looks like you guys had a great day!